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Day Out Must-Haves

Day out must-haves

Well what can I say, the sun is finally shining and we have had a gorgeous few days of it now. We have even managed a visit to the seaside and the sun was beaming, it was a beautiful day.

Do you have any days out planned? zoo visits, theme parks etc? below we have put together a few ideas of day out must-haves.

Food And Drink

Packing up a picnic is a great way to save some money on a day out. But please make sure the place you are visiting allows for this as not all places do. Having your own water bottle is also a great idea, as they are refillable and many places offer this for free.

Even if you are planning to eat out at your chosen destination, having some snacks to hand is always a good idea, as you can never judge traffic and public transport isn't always on time.

We recommend:

Below is a 740 ml water bottle and a kids travel sized sweet box which has 6 compartments. Both can be personalised to suit.

Water bottle is £7.50

Sweet box is £7.50


No one needs reminding that kids get messy! It is always a good idea to pack a spare change of clothes if you can. Food gets spilt, if there is a muddy puddle you can guarantee its being jumped in, or if there is a water fountain it is just too fun not to run through. A spare bag for wet items would be best.


Also have you seen child safety tags. They are tags that go onto a zip on your child's clothing. The tag has emergency contact details on it, so if your child is lost you can then be contacted straight away once your child is found.

Below is a boot bag which can be personalised to suit. Perfect for storing those wet items inside. The safety tag is a perfect way to keep any child safe if they happen to go missing. They can have a medical alert adding on as well a contact number. Perfect for peace of mind.

We recommend:

Boot bag £12

Safety tag £7

Toiletries & Healthcare

One thing you can never guarantee is there being a shop open close by to where you are going. The last thing you want is to be caught out, not where toiletries are concerned. Such as sanitary items, hay fever tablets, sun cream etc.

Why carry the whole box of pills when you can safely just pack what you need. Below is a pill organiser that can be personalised to suit. A handy size to fit in a bag or even a pocket.

We recommend:

Pill box organiser £6


Hopefully the journey in itself is exciting enough, but something may be needed for the journey if it is a long drive. Sometimes the good old fashioned game of eye spy just isn't entertaining enough.

We recommend:

A personalised bag that can be filled with a few travel toys. The bag can be personalised to suit. Or there is always a travel game set. This set can be used time and time again and has a variety of games to play. Perfect for any journey and fits perfectly inside your bag.

Fidget bag £8.50

Travel game set £12

Day Out Must-Haves - Miscellaneous

Of course, dont forget all your handy little extras, such as a charger, as devices now days have everything we need in them, such as tickets, journey routes and even get used to capture our day out. So we need to stay fully charged up. Or if you still prefer to print off your tickets then be sure to keep them safe and to hand.

We recommend:

This handy travel bag set, it is perfect for keeping those quick grab items safe and to hand.

Travel set bag £8.50

Something To Carry It All

Are you feeling organised and ready for your fun and adventures? fun days out can be stressful, so being prepared in advance helps ease that stress massively.

We recommend:

The small shoulder bag below can be personalised to suit. It is unisex and is a handy size to store tickets, mobiles, keys etc in. £13

How cute is this Tutu bag. It is available in a choice of colours and it can be personalised with a name. £12.50

Anita's Craft Shop
Anita's Craft Shop


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