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Alert Bag/Seat Belt Cover

Have you seen that Anita's Craft Shop makes bag/seat belt covers to help provide relevant information to the emergency services?

Do you know of someone who may react differently to others in different situations? due to no fault of their own, but that of a medical condition?

Alert seat belt cover

Benefits Of The Alert Seat Belt Cover?

The covers will help provide some relevant information, i.e medical condition. Alerting any emergency services to any important information straight away. This will then ensure that they respond in a safe and appropriate way.


The covers enable emergency services to provide safe and even possibly life-saving care needed. The information being to hand straight away helps the responding helper much more quickly. It also allows the responding helper to be more prepared if they are aware in advance that the person may resist any help, or be unaware of dangers.

Some may even be non-verbal, but if the emergency services are aware in advance they can then see that the correct care is safely provided.

medical alert seat belt cover

The Covers Themselves

The covers are:

  • White in colour with a black edging to them.

  • Velcro fastening.

  • Size 18.5 x 28 cm

  • Machine washable, on a cool setting.

  • Material - Neoprene.

  • Personalised to suit for free.

  • Personalised to suit any medical issue/disability.

Get Awareness

Not all illnesses/disabilities are visible and some are more often than not misjudged for something else. i.e bad behavior or even being drunk for instance. An alert seat belt cover being worn on a bag strap or even a seat belt can help get some awareness, stop people judging and hopefully get the right help/support needed.

React And Interact

Once the alert strap has been seen this will then allow people to react in the correct and supporting way needed, not only that but they will be able to interact correctly too. Especially if the person who the cover is for is unaware that they are in danger, or are even no-verbal. These straps allow the opportunity for supporting people to act accordingly to ensure maximum safety at all times.

Where To Purchase A Medical Alert Cover?

If you wish to purchase a medical alert cover you can purchase one from Anita's Craft Shop using the shop button below. They are personalised to suit any medical condition. Personalise yours today.

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