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Waving A Big Hello From Our Blog

waving a big hello from our blog

Hello and welcome to our blog. Our blog is about the fun and adventures of two special little boy's, Dylan and Zayden. Dylan born September 2020, and Zayden born February 2023.

The Real Bosses

Dylan and Zayden are our two Grandson's and both mean the absolute world to us. Do they have us wrapped around their fingers....YES!

They both come and stay with us regularly and we enjoy as many fun days out together as we can, as family time means the world to us all.

waving a big hello from our blog

Spending time at Nanny and Grandpas house has now become known as the house of mischief, as we get up to all sorts of fun. Anything from mud-pie making, baking cakes, having water fights, arts & crafts and anything else fun and messy along the way.

Family Business

We have been busy building a family business, an online gift shop. This is something we all work on as a family and hope one day to pass onto our Grandchildren. Both boys already help out, Zayden taps away on the keyboard taking orders and eating the keyboard mouse to confirm orders. Dylan comes out to do deliveries with me to deliver local orders and has also helped with a few designs

waving a big hello from our blog

Get Social with our blog

If you would like to follow our messy play, how-to's and fun adventures then do follow our blog social pages. You will also get to see the boys designs that will be advertised on our online gift shop. The boys will also be hosting competitions very soon too.

Thank you for stopping by



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