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Top Tips On Picking The Perfect Gift

picking the perfect gift

Picking the perfect gift can be rather daunting can't it? there are gift guides online that can give you some inspiration but it is pot luck that the gift guides will have the perfect gift that you are looking for at that exact moment in time.

Rather than a gift guide I have put together a helpful guide. A guide that will hopefully help guide you to working out what the perfect gift is for your recipient. As well as a few helpful pointers.


Set a budget and always only spend what you can afford. I am sure the recipient wouldn't like to see you in debt over their gift. What ever you are thinking of gifting always remember gifts are as expensive as you let them be.


Think about what makes the person unique. Do they have a hobby or something that brings them joy? has the recipient chatted lately about something they may like or need that you could gift them? or perhaps they have a hobby and you know of the perfect gift that could pair nicely with their hobby.

A thoughtful gift goes a long way when showing you care.

Do they have a favourite band? author? or artist?

Perhaps they may be collectors of something?


A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with personalised gifts. Unfortunately they are not for everyone. Giving a personalised gift is a great way to show how much thought, effort and love you have put into their gift. A personalised gift shows that you have taken time to purchase their gift and not just done a quick grab purchase.

Personalised gifts make a beautiful keepsake gift to treasure forever and can have a sentimental value to them if gifted to the right recipient. Be sure to know if your recipient would like/appreciate a personalised gift.

Personalised gifts can be purchased as joke gifts too for friends. Gifts personalised to suit make for the perfect gift for any occasion if being gifted to the right recipient.

picking the perfect gift


You dont have to be an expert in arts and crafts to gift something handmade. But adding a handmade element to something can make a gift feel more special and personal. Perhaps make your own gift tag and add a little personal touch when gift wrapping your gift. Or something like a hamper basket full of the recipients favourite little items.


Themed gifts seem to be a in thing at the moment. We have added a list below to a few themed gift ideas that may help, or give you some inspiration.

  • Perhaps you want to gift something living, such as a plant. Some plants help to reduce stress levels and flowers cant help but bring you joy and happiness.

  • Memories, such as turning photos into a gift of some kind, such as a blanket, mug, cushion or even onto a disc with a favourite song playing in the background.

  • Gift the recipient the gift of something more daring. Take them out and get them up on the mic at a karaoke night. Go for a meal and get them trying a dish they haven't had before. Or if they are feeling more adventurous then perhaps look at an activity day somewhere and make a day of it.

  • Maybe the recipient is more into food and drink and may enjoy testing their taste buds. Perhaps a taste basket with a variety of tasty bites, a vineyard tour if they are into fine wine. Or even a gift voucher to a restaurant they have been wanting to try but haven't yet managed to book up.

top tips for picking the perfect gift

Top tips when picking the perfect gift:

Do not give anything heavy or large in size without checking first.

Do not gift alcohol unless you know they drink.

Do not send food unless you know 100% they will be home to receive the parcel if being sent.

Do not preach. Just because you may like the gift, it doesn't mean everyone will. Especially the recipient.

Do not leave ordering your gift until last minute. Allow for shipping time.

We hope you have found this guide helpful and managed to get some inspiration from it. If you would like to browse our award-winning online gift shop then please click the shop button below.

Gifting the perfect gift
Gifting the perfect gift


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